Unable to restore from Shadow Copy due to long filename
Posted by Glenn Lowry on 18 March 2016 11:45 AM
  1. Right click on the folder your trying to restore from shadow copy and chose 'Previous versions'. Chose a date and click on open.
  2. Right click on any file or folder within the previous folder and chose 'properties'. Under 'General' copy what reads in 'location' - .e.g.: \localhost\D$\@GMT-2011.09.20-06.00.04_Data
  3. Open cmd.exe and type in: subst X: \localhost\D$\@GMT-2011.09.20-06.00.04_Data
  4. Open powershell and use robocopy to copy content of X: e.g.: robocopy Z: D:\Folder\ /E /COPYALL
  5. Check that all files have been copied.
  6. When finished type subst X: /D in cmd.
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