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How to Change the Proofing Language in Office 2010 from AmEng (U.S.) to BrEng (U.K.)
Posted by Glenn Lowry on 13 September 2016 02:29 PM

Step 1

Create a New Word document, or open an existing document with AmEng/BrEng text.

change to british english in word 2010

Step 2

Select the text for which you’d like to change the proofing language. If you want to change the entire document, press CTRL – A to select all.

change to u.s. american english in office 2010

Step 3

From the Review ribbon, Click Language > Set Proofing Language…

switch b/t u.k. and u.s. english in office 2010

Step 4

Choose English (U.K.) or English (U.S.) and Click OK. Obviously, you can choose any other language here as well, including English (Canada) and other versions of English.

u.s. canada and british dictionaries in word 2010

Step 5

Repeat this for each section of your Word document that uses a different language. If you want to change all documents to the selected language, Click Set as Default.

change default proofing language to british in word 2010

That should do the trick.

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